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Twilighters on Twitter

The Update!



This is a Community for the Twilight Role Players on Twitter

The Update!

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We now have:
Bella: www.twitter.com/The_BellaCullen
Alice: www.twitter.com/PorschePixie
Rosalie: www.twitter.com/_Roses_Are_Red_
Jessica: www.twitter.com/Jesstanley
Emmett: www.twitter.com/MoreThanMuscles
Victoria: www.twitter.com/Victoria_ta

We have a pending:
Edward, Jasper, and Renesmee however it's open until it's not is how i'm rolling with this.

we've decided to go ahead and open male characters to female participents

in addition if you think you can handle more than one RPG or want one that is more active or larger i am also a member of www.cullencoven.wordpress.com go there and apply then join up it's a VERY active twilight community that i LOVE being a part of see if you can even guess who i am

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