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Twilighters on Twitter

We now have a Jessica and Victoria



This is a Community for the Twilight Role Players on Twitter

We now have a Jessica and Victoria

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If you don't want to play feel free to follow us:


click "following" and follow all those people including our newest members

Victoria_ta our lovely redhead baddy
jessica_ta our human frenemie

Nat your Tweet Bella and Mod
  • I have an idea, if you wanna hear it.

    Anyways, you could get a blogspot or anything along the lines of that (a blog posting website) and all the people who RP the characters could post blogs for the character they are and stuff, like... I don't know:

    "Edward's top 10 childcare tips" or "Emmett's top 10 ways to annoy Esme"

    Things like that.

    Or the people could sign up for a new LJ to use for the community so they can post.


    PS: I've seen it around and I thought it was coool :)
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