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Twilighters on Twitter

Twilight Comes To Twitter



This is a Community for the Twilight Role Players on Twitter

Twilight Comes To Twitter

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Vive Le TwitterVerse and Twilight taking over it.

If you want to join the role play every position is open except:

Bella: <lj user="the_muffin_face"> : The_BellaCullen
Rosalie: _Roses_Are_Red
Alice: <lj user="memoria_bella"> PorschePixie

Please EMAIL or Comment your application to Quilesns@gmail.com or THIS POST ***make the subject your desired character***

Who you are:
Who you want to be:
Why you want to be them:
.... and tell us a little about yourself.

We prefer the male characters be played by males. However this may change depending on demand.

Twitter is VERY time consuming. If you aren't up for the near 24 hour adventure feel free to simply follow the characters and see what the characters from your favourite series are up to all day every day.

Don't worry: If a position clears it will be reposted.
  • Wow thanks for inviting me bb!

    Ive never done one of these before so i might just observe for a while if thats okay? :)
    sounds interesting!!!
    • yeah, twitter is great in general. currently "Rosealie" and "Alice" arew hunting (they went to AccioCon) so it may be quiet for a week...just make a regular twitter search for one of us and you can add the others my regular twitter is the same as my lj name

      promoting is harder than it looks lol
      • Reneesme

        Who you are: Lola
        Who you want to be: Reneesme
        Why you want to be them: I like the idea of being a perfectly balanced being. Not all good, not all bad and Nessie really is that. she is a true blend of her mum and dad, and I've never known that kind of balance in my life, so I think it would be a nice opportunity to stretch myself and see what it is to have to find balance in that environment.
        .... and tell us a little about yourself. Long time Twi-hard, picked up the trilogy a few weeks after it's release. Read the trilogy in 3 days, and new my life would never be the same. I am involved in the Theatre industry, I ride horses when I get the chance. I dabble in photography etc. I am an avid reader, not so much a fan of books made into film (worrying about Veronika decides to die and The Lovely Bones being ruined) but love well made foreign films, mostly.
        • Re: Reneesme

          We were trying not to accept BD as a real book but you've made a really good debate for yourself so please go ahead to twitter and make an account for yourself and go ahead and add all of our family, start with me and who i'm following (www.twitter.com/The_BellaCullen) let me know what you decide to make your username and email me with questions at (quilesns@yahoo.com) or txt my cell (it's ATT) 5404241019 the phones the fastest way to get to me since i'm always on it.

          if you feel like we're not on enough you can join www.cullencoven.wordpress.com ... i'm a member of that twilight twitter role play and we're all on constantly there's a bunch of us and it's super fun check it out and maybe you'll do two like me :)
          • Re: Reneesme

            Thank you, I should have the account up shortly. Believe you me, I'd rather BD never happened either, and to be honest I had a hard time coming to terms with her character...and this is actually my way of reconciling the character for myself. Sad really, one shouldn't need a 12 step program to deal with a fictional Character, but we all have our issues.
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